Use of the Cane


Scientific name. Arundo donax L.
Family. Poaceae
Dialect name: canna ri stenniri, cannizzu, canna ri cannitu
Annual vegetation plant with perennial rhizome, characterized by long stems called “culms” up to three meters high and more, empty inside with nodes about every 25-30 cm. The leaves are linear and enveloping the stem for a good stretch, of a glaucous green color and with a finely toothed margin. The inflorescences are panicles over 50 cm long placed in an apical position first of a purplish color and then white-golden, composed of spikelets of 3-5 flowers. The fruits are small kernels. Typical species of cool and humid environments, it is an indicator of the presence of aquifers; we find it, in fact, along the waterways, in the impluvium areas and along the escarpments.

Active principles
The active ingredients are found in the rhizome. The rhizomes are collected, dried in the shade, shredded and stored in dark glass containers.

Diuretic and sweat.

Internal use
As a diuretic and sweat agent
Prepare a decoction with 20 gr of crushed rhizome in 100 ml of water and consume two or three cups a day.

Maria Canzoneri

Generalities and Bibliography

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