Phellandrene is an aromatic hydrocarbon of a terpene nature, with a brute chemical formula C10H16; this compound is naturally present in two isomeric forms: α- and β-phellandrene which, respectively in the IUPAC nomenclature are called: the form α – 2-methyl-5- (1-methylethyl) -1,3-cyclohexadiene and the form β – 3-Methylene-6- (1-methylethyl) cyclohexene.
Phellandrene is contained in the essence of eucalyptus, in cinnamon, in star anise. Β-fellandrene is the main component of lemon essence and is present in various Umbelliferae and Pinaceae.

Both isomers are insoluble in water, but miscible with ether.
Α-phellandrene takes its name from Eucalyptus phellandra (Eucalyptus radiata), from which it can be isolated. Β-phellandrene has been isolated in some Umbelliferae and plains.
The fellandreni are used in the fragrances of perfume essences for their pleasant aromas. The smell of β-phellandrene has been described as peppery and of mint and is slightly citrusy.
The α-phellandrene isomer can form dangerous and explosive peroxides on contact with air and at high temperatures.

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