Lombardo Farm

Travel through a changing rural world. A changing world thanks to the entrepreneurship and above all attention to the Nature of Sensitive Farmers and respectful of the rules and principles of the same.

Ecosustainable Farm

1 ^ Point – The Lombard Farm

THE FARM: you can easily reach the SP42 that Menfi takes to Partanna or, from Sciacca / Castelvetrano, take the exit for Montevago and continue for about 4 km.

Farm Description – “Fattoria Lombardo” is a delightful organic farm overlooking the Contrada Gurra Soprana valley, in Menfi (AG) in southwest Sicily, with a beautiful Mediterranean landscape around it, has an extension of 16 hectares with 14 hectares Cultivated Surface.

Idea and Objectives of the Entrepreneur – Our idea of farm management, says Salvatore Lombardo, Doctor Agronomo and young entrepreneur, goes in the direction of respecting and protecting those who are living beings living within a farm ecosystem. Starting from this assumption, we are directed towards sustainable management, with the aim of restoring all the equilibria that are the basis of an ecosystem with the figure of the man who observes and safeguards and not exploiting and destroying.

Farm Characteristics – We mainly produce wine grapes and oil olives. Certified organic “Evo” oil is bottled and sold in 5 liter containers, and we also produce tomato and seasonal vegetables.

  1. Agricultural Products – Yes
  2. Animal Products – No
  3. Transformed Agricultural Products – Yes
  4. Transformed Animal Husbandry Products – No
  5. Corporate Product Tasting – Yes
  6. Didactic Services – Yes
  7. Other –

How to Contact the Company: C/da Gurra Soprana Menfi – www.fattorialombardo.it – info@fattorialombardo.it
cell. 333/8638651 Salvatore

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