Essential oil of aromatic Ravensara – Properties and Uses

Essential oil of aromatic Ravensara – Properties and Uses

The essential oil of Ravensara (aromatic Ravensara Sonn.) Also known as aromatic ravensara oil should not be confused with the essential oil of Ravintsara (which is extracted from the Cinnamomum Camphora).
The essential oil of Ravensara is extracted from the aromatic Ravensara which is a plant belonging to the Lauraceae family (to which the laurel belongs) and native to Madagascar and the leaves and twigs of the aromatic Ravensara have a slightly camphoric aroma very similar to that eucalyptus; for this reason it is used as raw material in the perfume industry and thanks to its antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, expectorant, etc. properties. finds applications as a natural remedy in many popular cultures in many countries.

The essential oil is extracted from the leaves of Ravensara by a slow steam distillation process. It is a muscular, strong antiviral, physical and mental stimulant and is particularly indicated in the treatment of all types of herpes. In this case, as in applications on the skin, it should be diluted to about 5% in a good carrier oil. Always remember to keep away from eyes and not to swallow. The essential oil of Ravensara is particularly useful during the winter, when one feels a little indisposed. In these cases a few drops are enough in the bath water together with Tea Tree and Lavender.
Like other essential oils it is useful in stressful situations. The essential oil of ravensara contains: cineol, pinene, terpineol, linalool and eugenol.
This essential oil is presented as a clear almost colorless liquid (straw yellow) that gives off a fresh, grassy and almost spicy odor.

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