The blueberry, whose term derives from the word myrtle with the addition of the suffix, olo, is an essential oil obtained and extracted from the myrtle plant (Myrtus communis L., 1753).
Blueberry is an essential oil which contains antioxidants and active ingredients such as blueberry, geraniol, camphene, quercetin, pinene, cineol, catechin, linalool, tannins, sugars and resins.
Blueberry is a colorless liquid with the smell of myrtle, also called myrtle camphor, it consists not only of the mixture of the aforementioned active ingredients, but also of a camphor obtained by fractional distillation of the essence of myrtle.

Blueberry has particular balsamic and antiseptic properties and is useful for various therapeutic remedies: respiratory problems, it is an astringent, useful for the immune system, antitumor, digestive, beneficial to the skin, regulates the thyroid, provides benefits to the kidneys, for the mind, cholesterol , control of diabetes and other remedies for centuries followed in various popular traditions.

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