World Map of Press Freedom

World Map of Press Freedom

Press freedom is a goal that has not been achieved in many countries of the world and even in the so-called civilized countries, there are limitations and constraints that hinder their full realization.
Finland, the Netherlands and Norway are among the most virtuous countries. European countries dominate the list of the top 50 countries on the list, with 14 members of the European Union among the top 25.

Italy is not among the most virtuous countries but has risen eight positions and occupies the 49th position. But at the same level are France, Spain, Great Britain. The situation of the Balkan countries is different and worse for obvious reasons of political and therefore democratic instability. Russia does not shine in this landscape.
Outside Europe, we note the United States, where freedom of the press is not yet perfectly achieved, while the black shirt unfortunately goes to China and many Middle Eastern countries.
In this sense a great achievement is the spread of the Internet and social networks that allow to undermine the walls and borders behind all totalitarianisms, not least those of the Multinationals: Transversal Totalitarian Systems, which through their disinformation or distorted information are difficult to fight.

Guido Bissanti

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