South America Geographical Map

South America Geographical Map

South America or South America (alternative graphs: South America or South America) or South America is the part of the American continent south of Central America.
It is currently considered by some to be a subcontinent, while others have a continent on its own (only one model of four studies considers it a continent). It is, with North America and Central America, one of the three macroregions in which America is currently subdivided.
It is contained entirely in the western hemisphere and most in the southern hemisphere. It is wet to the west by the Pacific Ocean, north and east from the Atlantic Ocean. Central America and the Caribbean Sea are in the northwest.

It has an area of 18 841 000 km², which corresponds to nearly 12.7% of the land that emerged. At the beginning of 2005 its population was estimated at more than 371,090,000 inhabitants.

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