How to grow Portulaca

How to grow Portulaca

Portulaca (Portulaca oleracea L.) is a herbaceous species of the Portulacaceae family that grows spontaneously but has long been used in cooking because it is edible.
The purslane is considered a grass weed with fleshy leaves drop-shaped, small yellow flowers that open only in full sun and prostrate.
Purslane spontaneous reborn in late spring, but it can also be sown in March. It likes well-drained soil and sunny exposure.
It also grows in arid conditions, but in this case produces size and lower quality leaves. Purslane is collected stepwise throughout the summer, until it begins to flower and go to seed.

Seeds can be collected for a possible propagation, but purslane reborn from its roots next spring. Purslane can be grown in pots.
For planting it is necessary to consider that generally propagates spontaneously, but can also be sown in early spring, directly planted at a depth of 3-5 mm.
Transplantation is not necessary, sow directly planted.
Purslane grows and spreads even in drought conditions, but with constant irrigation produces better quality leaves. L ‘exposure should be sunny.
Portulaca is very resistant to adverse weather conditions, but prefers warm climates.
It blooms in summer while semimaturano forwarded to the withering of the flowers but very easy to disperse in the environment.
By using purslane leaves and florets hold, before flowering.
Purslane tends to self-propagation throughout the summer season, the new plant will replace the previous ones and harvest proceeds normally until the arrival of autumn.

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