Soap of Castiglia against aphids and mealy bugs

Soap of Castiglia against aphids and mealy bugs

Castile soap is one of the other natural products that you can use for small quantities in your vegetable garden or for company uses, using larger containers and quantities.
Castile soap is a natural soap produced from oil, caustic soda (but the original preparation included the use of ashes) and is a basic ingredient to make one of the most effective natural pesticides to be sprayed on the parts of the plants concerned.
To make this product we start from the Castile soap added to the water, dissolved and then, with the foam finished, used in spraying (or small sprays for household use) on the plants.

The relationship between water and soap can be variable depending on the action we want to operate on the plant. you can go from the highest concentrations in case of substantial attacks in place to considerable dilutions for cleaning plants (which helps to keep away aphids and cochineals).
For the preparation, 150 grams of Castile soap are dissolved per liter of very hot water up to total emulsion of the soap. To this emulsion 100 ml of olive oil to mix and emulsion can be added. The product is kept long enough. When you need to use a glass in 10 liters of water is taken after shaking the original emulsion.
To this emulsion so obtained you can add a pinch of pepper, a garlic powder and some peppermint leaves. This should be refiltered and immediately ready to be used as repellent and asphyxiant for aphids and cochineals.
It is a highly biological product, not harmful to useful and highly effective insects.

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