Homemade honey root hormone

Homemade honey root hormone

The great agricultural revolution is also born from the ability to know how to enhance the largest laboratory we have around: nature. If we gradually learn to know it we will understand that from it we can get everything we need. Detaching ourselves from the dependence of synthetic chemistry and often inopportune compounds and productions.
This is the case, among many, of the production of rooting hormones starting from what nature offers us. In addition to the natural rooting hormones derived from the Willow, we can use another totally natural and produced for us by our friends Bees.

We are obviously talking about honey (obviously organic); a product with great nutritional properties but also antibacterial, antiseptic, fungicide and rich in antioxidants, minerals and natural antibiotics. Now we can “discover” it also as a rooting hormone with practically the same times and effectiveness of rooting of any synthetic hormone that can be bought on the market. In fact, tests carried out show that cuttings indifferently treated with honey or radicular hormone root on average from 9 to 15 days before cuttings on which no hormone is used. Moreover, cuttings that have been treated with honey have a rooting rate of around 98%.
To prepare this hormone it is necessary to obtain organic honey, not pasteurized and diluted in the proportion of 1 part honey for 4 parts of osmotic water. The process must be conducted with a liquid temperature between 18 and 25 ° C. Once the honey has melted perfectly, you can take the cuttings, which we intend to put in the rock wool cubes or peat, and immerse them in this liquid, for a few seconds, up to a centimeter from the stem. Our cuttings will have been so impregnated with a mixture that will guarantee an economic rooting capacity, ecological and similar to that which we would have obtained by using other hormones purchased on the market.
Ask Nature and you will see that it has all the answers for us.

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