Cedar wood essential oil – Uses and properties

Cedar wood essential oil – Uses and properties

The essential oil extracted from cedar wood (Cedrus atlantica), (Stephan Endlicher, former Elie-Abel Carrière 1855) has a number of interesting properties that lend itself to various uses.
The essential constituents of the cedar essential oil are; atlantone, cedrolo and cadinene, active ingredients that perform a restorative and rebalancing action on the organism.
The essential oil of cedar wood is mainly used for respiratory infections but interesting applications are those related to hair care, strengthening the roots (you can prepare a natural anti-hair shampoo by adding 25 drops of this essential oil in a neutral shampoo It is an extremely useful remedy also against dandruff and greasy hair) and skin and as a natural insecticide.

With regard to the skin, the essential oil of cedarwood has an astringent action and is also used for treating acne or impurities in the face.
The essential oil of cedar wood is also used in aromatherapy for stressful conditions.
According to oriental medicine, the essential oil of cedar is useful in meditation and helps to rebalance the first chakra, giving courage, energy and self-esteem to those who use it. Therefore the aromatherapy with the essential oil of cedar wood is practiced to those who find themselves in a moment of great changes, giving stability and favoring the grounding of the earth.
The essential oil of cedar wood is used as a remedy for alopecia, through applications of a mixture of essential oil of cedar wood dissolved in another vegetable oil, directly on the scalp.
The cedar wood essential oil can be considered a natural insecticide by repellent action against insects (also house insects such as plots and woodworms).
Finally, this scent, slightly acidulous, intense, balsamic and woody can be used as a natural fragrance to perfume the home.

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