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How to make organic Cherry honey

How to make organic Cherry honey

Cherry honey (Prunus avium (L.) L., 1755) is obtained from April to May depending on the latitude, height above sea level and exposure.
Clearly if we are in the presence of very large cherry plants we will have a greater certainty of having a much purer honey; in fact the unifloral production of cherry honey is very difficult, since in the same period in which the plant of the cherry tree emits flowers, it also happens the flowering of several other species including the dandelion.
The company where you produce it must conduct a biological regime or production procedures without the use of synthetic products or pesticides. For the characteristics of the cherry tree, in the south this honey is produced over 400 m s.l.m..

The organoleptic characteristics of this honey are: color is quite light, grayish white once crystallized. The relatively rapid crystallization generally gives rise to a pasty mass with fine crystals. The aroma recalls that of the flowers from which they derive (and Rosaceae in general) and can be compared to that of bitter almond or cherry pits.
Cherry honey is known for its detoxifying characteristics. It is a common belief that it is able to greatly facilitate the purification and activity of our liver and kidneys. These are interesting characteristics if we are following a diet based on the elimination of waste and toxins.
Considering its rather high energy intake, cherry honey is excellent as a food for those who play sports. We can consume it before and after training. Another of the known properties of cherry honey is diuretic food. it is an effect that goes hand in hand with the purifying activity described just before. Finally, cherry honey, as well as being an excellent natural tonic, is rich in vitamins and minerals with an antioxidant power able to counteract the formation of free radicals in our body.

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