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The dark side of the European Union

The dark side of the European Union

On 12 July 2012 is not a date as the others but few Europeans know why and what is the issue at hand.

On July 12, with a scandalous judgment, the Court of Justice of the EU has confirmed the ban on marketing traditional seed varieties that have not been entered in the official catalog Europe. And ‘the defeat of voluntary associations committed to the preservation of the diversity of ancient plants, the only alternative we had to industrial and GMO seeds.
I note in this regard that the traditional seeds are the result of millennia of selection derived from experience agricultural human, a treasure that has been preserved over the centuries protected by farmers; these seeds summarize itself the historical memory and organic agriculture and preserving a genetic heritage which determines the vast biodiversity of agricultural products.
With this judgment is in fact being an impassable impassable between Man and Nature. A modern Berlin Wall in the relationship between humanity, its history and its evolution: an evolution of fruit inseparable relationship between man and nature; of that relationship that, through the contact material and spiritual led to the evolution of a model of agriculture that is the only guarantor of ecological balance and humanistic imperative.
I still remember that since 1998 has been in place a European Community Directive which restricts the marketing and exchange of seeds to the seed companies vietandolo to farmers, in this way, what the farmers have done for millennia. This activity, which was lost in the mists of time, has suddenly become a crime. The entire world market of seed is now almost entirely run by seven multinational companies that hold patents and dealing simultaneously (and paradoxically) seed production, poisons for agriculture and GMOs.
This short underscore is needed to bring home to European citizens as dormant, not just a right anthropology has suddenly become a crime.
Behind this consideration there is much more because the Forensic Anthropology, as it is also defined by Wikipedia, is a discipline through which you can dig into the surface of the right, which regulation and establishment of the company itself, in order to trace in it the cultural foundations and / or symbolic that a given community considers essential to its own destiny.
In short, the judgment of 12 July the European Union is not so serious for the ecological aspects, on which we will discuss in a moment, but as for the “genetic modification” of the natural relationship between man and creation. A report written and recorded, from the ground, in the constituents of matter itself and its becoming. A matter which, since its inception, has been a source for the Man of experience, knowledge, culture and history. Interrupting the relationship between Man and Matter suddenly stops History relegating to a private management of some potentates.
We entered the worst dictatorship that history could know, and this is not Nazi Germany’s Third Reich or any other totalitarianism. This is the other side (the most worrying) the European Union, that “The Dark Side Of The Moon” in which the famous complex of Pink Floyd, with their album themed philosophical-anthropological, stressed that “In reality there is no dark side of the moon. In fact it’s all dark. The only thing that makes her look bright is the sun “, thus emphasizing the fact that man, the only one capable of imperfection, is totally flawed, and can only pretend to be perfect, perceiving this, absorbing the essence of reality surrounding it. In short, an alternative way to read the same moral.
This Europe has lost the light that has illumined for centuries the Life of Man leading him to a dark unprecedented.
Substance instead of ecological aspects worth mentioning here that Nature is substantiated on the basis of the relations and exchanges between all living beings, including the man, and therefore it can not be dominated by patents or rights superior to the law itself interrelations natural; any tampering in the freedom of Rights and relationships between living things is a principle of decay of Nature itself.
A judgment that goes straight leg in the principles upon which the natural relationship between living beings (repeat: including man) is an abomination of nature due to higher legal crimes perpetrated by totalitarian racial and antisemitista.
The thing that should make us reflect not just let such a dangerous diversion of this dark side of Europe but above the deafening silence of a policy small and petty, so bogged in the quicksand of self-representation, no longer pose any man Consciousness.

Guido Bissanti

published on 11/16/2014