An Eco-sustainable World


MammiferiThis section is dedicated to the Mammals (Mammalia Linnaeus, 1758) who are a class of vertebrates with a cosmopolitan spread characterized by breastfeeding of their offspring.
Within the currently living mammals class, about 5,500 species of very different sizes and shapes are classified.
Mammals have been able to colonize almost all terrestrial environments over the ages. We pass from ice caps to hot deserts.
Despite this remarkable morphological and environmental differentiation mammals have in common to be homeothermic or endothermic, from having viviparity (with the exception of the Monotremes, which are oviparous) and from having parental care which also includes breastfeeding of the offspring.
Mammals, in every environment, being heterotrophic organisms, play an important conjugated function with heterotrophs and their decrease can undermine the delicate balance of ecosystems.

Guido Bissanti