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How to make organic Borage honey

How to make organic Borage honey

Borage honey (Borago officinalis, L.) is obtained from January to August depending on the latitude where you are, since the flowering of this plant is very influenced by temperature and brightness.
If we want to obtain a borage honey with greater purity, we must think of a sowing of this herbaceous species in order to guarantee the bee the production of this precious honey. The company where you produce it must conduct a biological regime or production procedures without the use of synthetic products or pesticides.

As the bee moves a few kilometers in its activity it is clear that inserting borage in areas where it is not present, as well as being a wrong concept from the agro-ecological point of view, does not assure you the purity of the product. The bee will rest on other flowers and the characteristics of your honey will not reach your purpose. For this reason you will have to let the borres present in your plot go to seed, conserve the seed and re-seed it the following year. Do not introduce seed purchased elsewhere; this too is an incorrect criterion; introduce different and less characterized ecotypes for your environment.
This is why the production of borage honey is present in Italy, especially in the central-southern areas of the Adriatic coast, in the south in general and in Sicily.
The main organoleptic characteristics are: white color, delicately aromatic scent and aroma, floral, fine crystallization. It has purifying and sedative properties. In the culinary field, its delicate and slightly aromatic taste goes perfectly with mature cheeses, with a strong taste, particularly savory, spicy.

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