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Honor to the Science

Honor to the Science

What is the Science? is it simply one of the so many activities of the man or is it something more? it is better perhaps to reflect us some and to make to tell him those people who have made science – Also you that this page visits you can collaborate to build sending it some sentences (what a thought contains on the science expressed by a scientist of whatever time) – you write to –

 We begin the trip………..

“But the science can be created only from who both totally vocated to the truth and the understanding. This emotional source, nevertheless, springs from the sphere of the religion. ….. We can express the situation with an image: the science without the religion is lame, the religion without the science is blind. ….. And so I have the impression that the science not only purifies the religious impulse from the cinders of its antropomorphysm, but also contributes to a religious spiritualizzation of our understanding of the life.” (Einstein A.).

I don’t know how the world will see me one day. As it regards me, it seems me to be a boy that plays on the beach and finds every now and then a stone or a shell, more beautiful than the usual one, while the great ocean of the truth stays unknown in front of me. (Newton, Principia).

The holy scriptures are the word of God, nature is His writing. (G. Galilei).

Guido Bissanti