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Financial Doping

Financial Doping

Those who think that the twenty-first century crisis arises because our planet is no longer able to feed her children or because they are running out of resources of the subsoil is completely off the road and this belief does not belong only to those who have an economic doctrine or social but is more widespread than you think, even in environments “apparently learned” or even professors.
The Universe (which belongs to this world) has so explicit and stable rules that break them leads to a corruption of the same. Corruption that involves everyone and everything being the Universe * one.
In physics it is known the function call: Entropy ** which is the size that is interpreted as a measure of disorder present in a physical system whatsoever, including, as a threshold matter, the universe.


In other words the entropy measure the system degradation (corruption) of a system of any kind and entity. For this reason, scientists and technicians involved in the efficiency of energy systems are concerned greatly to create models or thermodynamic machines that have a low entropy of the system and therefore high efficiency (or yield).
The social system is subject to the same rules of physics that, although more complex, are incredibly essential in their considerations and consequences.
We can consider the social system as a Macro Model Body where, ultimately, also the behavior, relationships, trends, economic structures, and so on. represent individual factors in reaction and interrelation between them.
The Social System is therefore similar to a thermodynamic machine that like all machines can be more or less efficient and the design and management of this system takes the name of particular policy (a term that is now unfortunately – and rightly so – coupled with corruption that we have seen, the analogue of Entropy in Physics).
In a nutshell a good policy corresponds to one who designs or Science assumes a system with high efficiency and hence low production of entropy, or if you like, low corruption.
In Physics Entropy measure not only the level of degradation (corruption) of a system but, as a result, the inability of the system to produce more energy. In a nutshell Body System with high entropy is a system, let the term colored, “boiled”, ie little or no more capable of giving life: in short, a system close to the heat death and then corruption last and final (that to which it is intended to limit the whole universe).
In concrete terms, the scientists involved in the efficiency of the Energy Systems are careful to avoid the formation of compounds that produce or to entering into the system high content of Entropy (magnitude that can be limited to what is always produced in a natural system).
Universe-Newtonian systems or natural behave the same way: they care to minimize the production of by-products does not increase too rapidly for the last level of entropy. In a nutshell the Universe has a great “Spirit of Conservation.”
In our world, the “scientists” (Politicians) Reaction of the largest existing physics which is the Social Structure almost always behave in opposite ways, or at least in antithesis.
To understand how to arrive at this statement we start from a simple consideration: we have seen that we can compare the social system as a Macro reaction where the activities, work, the transformation of energy, trade, leading ultimately to the production of an energy equivalent that modern civilization has identified and structured in the money (currency).
Macro This reaction produces various products of the reaction some of which reusable (from the standpoint of Physical and Thermodynamic) and others with no energy capacity.
An apple, a piece of coal, and an ox or a boulder placed on top of an inclined plane can produce more energy and, if there were still bartering could be exchanged according to benchmarks. The money, equivalent in value to each possible exchange, on the other hand does not have any power energy, so it is comparable to a product of a reaction that has taken the utmost disorder.
In a nutshell money (currency) is a by-product and its input into a system (in addition to the ability to produce the same) can not lead to any increase in the energy of the system, but rather involves the corruption of the system by increasing its disorder .
Recall that the money is a convection oven. It has no value; can disappear at any moment, however, for example. a cow is a cow: as long as he lives grazing, gives milk, it can produce more energy.
Returning therefore to the peculiarities of the money you can not regain energy by simply placing the money in a system, indeed, this will lead to greater corruption of the System where it is entered.
Therefore, if I make investments in a farm (by purchasing machines, creating plantations or building structures) without being attentive to the thermodynamic model and the ecological balance and social are intertwined in this particular human activity, I tend to corrupt the system as I carve in processes which are much more complex and in which the components involved are unbalanced by this energy form corrupt.
In short, a system can only use the money if this product is made from the same system. Any external input creates a doping and, like all drugs, they have collateral consequences of persistent, difficult to eliminate and destabilizing effect on the complex and delicate balance of the system.
The global policies that use forms of financing (especially grants) are corrupting the Natural Systems and with them the Company.
Among other things, this worsening has increased exponentially from the time when the monetary systems have abandoned the “Gold Standard” or gold standard, in which the monetary base was given by a fixed quantity of gold. In this system there was a roof-pass which put a limit to the corruption of the system.
With the abandonment of this idea the amount of money at the same immettibile has become “free” and the speeding up of the reactions (which is synonymous with the rise of corruption) tends to increase exponentially the state of corruption.
In order to reverse this dangerous condition is necessary to rethink this model of use of money (and thus financial) by introducing a control parameter and parameterization of the inputs of money in a system that can be defined: ECO STANDARD.
The ECO STANDARD, would be the equivalent in money that every natural system was able to produce in stable condition and ecological balance and social. Therefore, to give a concrete example and illustration, if a forest can produce in terms of environmental sustainability a certain amount of wood and wood that are assigned a value in cash, the holder of the woods (the nation as a supreme being) can enter the bloodstream the quantity of money.
Extending this concept to all human activities and placing them in a position of sustainability then, through a model of environmental and social accounting, we find the equivalent in money to be placed in the system and this amount of money would not have the effect of doping.
The question that we’re burning too quickly the resources and degrading our planet is due to this way of thinking wicked Economy and finance as breaking free from the “Spirit of Conservation” that the universe possesses.

Guido Bissanti

* The etymology of the word universe derives from the Latin Universus that is all, whole (the union of unus = one and versus face = wrapped (past participle of focus). Universe, literally, is a “whole wrapped in itself.
** Since ancient greek ** ἐν en, “in”, and τροπή Trope, “transformation”.