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How to grow potatoes at home

How to grow potatoes at home

Food independence is often a utopia, but some things can also be achieved in a small space but with a little expertise. I want to please all those who have asked me for advice on crops make dates for home use (and clearly for small quantities).
Today we talk about potatoes; these can be grown on balconies (better if you have a terrace) with great and unexpected satisfaction.
Meanwhile, a container is needed that can have good drainage (you can use pots, bags, specially prepared boxes, etc.).
Potatoes can be grown throughout the year, but the most favorable period is between late winter and early spring.

The important thing is to find suitable soil (the best yields, however, are obtained in fairly loose soils, with organic substance, well aerated and with a pH between 5.5 and 7.5.).
Once you have found the or the containers you need to get potatoes already sprouted (and above all healthy) you will need to fill the container with the soil in half (the largest sprouted potatoes can be broken) and divide them to have more plants, then you bring to a certain distance so that forming the tubers are not too close. At this point, cover with other soil, carefully water the soil so as to keep it always moistened, but never wet, since the stagnant water is very feared by potatoes that can rot easily. To speed up the process of germination it will be sufficient to keep the germinated potatoes for a few days in the light.
After some time (also depending on the temperature, which should not be too rigid) you will see the first shoots appear on the surface. At this point cover them with other soil and wait for the development of the plants and leaves with an intense green color.
To know when it will be time for harvesting you have to wait when the leaves will be completely withered or dried (on average 60-70 days). The harvest should be done with a small scoop taking care not to cut the new potatoes and then starting from the sides, going down and, levering up the ground with all the potatoes. For storage, gently brush them to remove the earth and place them for a couple of days in a dry and sufficiently sunny place.
The satisfaction will be that you have produced them, they will not have residues of pesticides and, like all the things you have just collected, will have a taste never felt (if you are not used to the flavors of the things just picked up).
Finally: for a few days you will also have an ornamental effect because of their white flowers.

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