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2nd edition of the Guardian of Beauty Award

ItalianStorytelling Il Biviere

2nd edition of the Guardian of Beauty Award

By Sosia Communication – Italian Storytelling Art, Brand & District
The awards event was held on Saturday 22 April 2023
Awarded the brand “Il Biviere” Historic Garden, Bio and Biodynamic Farm
c/from houses of the biviere – Lentini (SR)
By Giangiacomo Borghese and Virginia Gattai

After last year’s debut at Palazzo Capizzucchi in Rome, on the occasion of Earth Day 2023, the second edition of the “Guardian of Beauty” award was held: The event took place in the wonderful botanical setting of the historic garden of the houses of the Biviere, located in Lentini (SR).
The guardian of beauty award held in Sicily was awarded to Giangiacomo Borghese and Virginia Gattai and their brand “Il Biviere”: Botanical Garden and Bio and Biodynamic Farm.

A brand that has made organic and biodynamic a perfect synchrony with Nature, helping to generate a wonderful rural and botanical landscape around the biviere lake of Lentini.
The awards event was organized by Sosia Comunicazione di Rossana Danile in collaboration with the collective (of artists, professionals, entrepreneurs) called “ItalianStorytelling Art, Brand & District” whose mission is to tell brands attentive to environmental sustainability, putting in relation between artists, entrepreneurs and local governance, in order to favor the cultural regeneration of the territories and promote a modus operandi that respects the environment in its various forms.
This is the motivation that prompted the CTS to award the prize to the entrepreneur Giangiacomo Borghese: “For having strongly believed in the environmental and economic value of the organic cultivation of the Blood Orange of Sicily PGI. To preserve the natural ecosystem that lives and regenerates around the biviere lake and to promote the cultural identity of the entire Lentini area through the narration of the corporate brand”.
The motivation instead dedicated to Virginia Gattai, nutritionist by profession and botanist by passion: “To feed plants and people, soul and body in the same way. To be able to convey through the narration of the historic Biviere garden, that everything is connected and that every biodiversity that lives and regenerates below and above the ground is part of the same wonderful plot of life”.
The “Guardian of Beauty” award is a recognition that is assigned to those who, through their own doing (entrepreneurial, professional, artistic) become builders of sustainable change, favoring the connection between art, business and the territory in order to promote and educate the community to an ecological vision of the future.
In the debate animated by Rossana Danile, the work “Steal Life” by the artist Alessandro Calizza was physically and conceptually placed at the center of the reflections shared by those present: a gray still life in the process of decaying an oxymoron which grafts into the beauty of nature living in the garden, words that remind us that “it is where beauty is forgotten that reality opens up to dark ages, in which the best essence of the Human Being is sacrificed to follow false gods and new, ephemeral, aspirations” (A .Calizza).

Targa Premio Giangiacomo Borghese

Giangiacomo Borghese and Virginia Gattai welcomed the award with particular emotion and gratitude and in unison declared: “The award represents for us a new baptism that invests us with further responsibility. Above all, we want to tell ourselves to young people who, like plants, need special care to grow in beauty and wisdom, aware of their role as guardians of the Earth and builders of a more just, responsible and beautiful future. Everything that is authentic, true, intact and biodiverse must be preserved with all our strength. It is valid in the field of nature, of food but also in all forms of art.”
Fundamental in this sense was the contribution of one of the members of the technical-scientific committee of the second edition of the award, Guido Bissanti, researcher agronomist and author of books on ecology and humanities, as well as creator and principal editor of the regional law of Sicily 21 of 2021 on agroecology. Guido Bissanti’s intervention was enlightening for agricultural entrepreneurs regarding the technical aspects of the new law and at the same time poetic and emotional: “In this place I perceived the true sense of Beauty, which is not only an aesthetic question but a functional and harmonic, where everything is connected like many small drops in the ocean, and asks us to explore it with less presumption. If we follow the path of sharing, interaction, connections, we obtain the greatest well-being (including economic), a well-being that contemplates the integral part of which we are made” (G. Bissanti).

Targa Premio Virginia Gattai

Milena Ziino Colanino, of the CTS of the award, an expert in environmental issues aimed at sustainable development underlined “the importance of ecological gestures that the single person can perform on a daily basis to generate beauty and well-being of the environment that surrounds him and of the knowledge of the operational tools to give their contribution and acquire the foundations to be able to become, in the future, professionals of sustainable development, of the green and circular economy”.
The words of Umberto Iacono, writer and trainer who for many years has contributed to training within the AIF (Italian Association of Trainers), have focused attention on the importance of training for the recognition of the beautiful and the good and for the acquisition of a collective awareness, responsible for protecting it and for passing on its beneficial effects to future generations.
Among those present also Gerardo Diana, president of the Consortium for the Protection and Promotion of the Blood Orange of Sicily PGI, engaged in the front line for the protection of the Sicilian Moro and Tarocco varieties unique in the world.
Among the entrepreneurs of the biviere area, Sebastiano Conti, owner of the Agri Bio company who, together with Giangiacomo and Virginia Borghese, curated the tasting of agri-food products from a respected and regenerated area. It was a real surprise for the guests to discover the production of Sicilian organic rice that Sebastiano Conti has reintroduced where it once was: around the biviere lake.

Guido Bissanti e Rossana Danile

The confrontation between the guests gave rise to the conviction of acting towards a single goal which aims at the dissemination of a modus vivendi which promotes an epochal change of trend to safeguard the planet and all living beings who co-inhabit it.
The participation of the mayor of Lentini Rosario Lo Faro led to the achievement of the first desired objective: to bring the parties that govern and act on the same territory into relational dialogue. Business and governance.
In his speech, the mayor of Lentini expressed the joy and pride of having in the area he administers, a place of such beauty and cultural and environmental importance: a historic garden and a citrus grove that attract and welcome guests from all over the world . A brand that, together with the others, plays the important role of ambassador of the cultural identity of the Lentini area. A city that deserves to change pace starting from the enhancement of the historical and landscape heritage that extends around the biviere lake.
“These are stories of beauty that must be shared, adds Rossana Danile, the claim “history is born from history, if you tell it you can share it” embodies the sense of action of our team work and the mission to promote the necessary change that mother Earth asks of us for some time and that we can no longer pretend not to hear”.
An unscheduled event took the writer Umberto Iacono by surprise to whom his CTS colleagues dedicated the plaque that recognizes him as the guardian of beauty: “To be able to identify the beauty that is hidden in the invisible gestures that our unsuspecting dreams draw by tracing, out of time and space, threads of memories that eternally bind beautiful souls and their narration”.
To underline the success of the event, just a few days from the end, Danile comments, the talk of an upcoming co-design table that sees the newly awarded guardians of beauty, connected to the main players in the city of Lentini.
At the end of the day, greetings also came from the members of the CTS of the award who were absent on the award day: Gaetana Gagliano, expert in data science, to whom we owe the candidacy of the Il Biviere brand who identified and brought to the attention of the CTS with suggestive photographs; Giusy Emiliano International curator of contemporary art at FAO and Roberta Melasecca curator and cultural manager engaged in various activities on the national territory.
Thanks go to the B&B Le Roccette in Mascalucia (CT) which has kindly offered guests arriving from the most distant provinces, hospitality and morning pampering served at breakfast.
Lentini April 28, 2023

Sosia Communication – ItalianStorytellingArt, Brand & District
Rossana Danile – 320.2476846

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