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Macerate of Alnus incana

Macerate of Alnus incana

The glycerine macerate of Alnus incana is obtained from white alder or gray alder (Alnus incana (L.) Moench) which is a deciduous tree of the Betulaceae family.
This macerate is useful for some pathologies affecting the female genital system and the skeletal system, also carrying out a remineralizing action useful in case of osteoporosis.
The use of Alnus incana macerate is contemplated in the herbal literature in the following cases:
– Uterine fibroids;
– Fibrocystic mastopathy;
– Menopause.
As well as a number of associated diseases.
The Alnus incana bud extract has historically been used in association with other bud extractives. It is also possible to associate it with supplements that can support and facilitate its beneficial action.

This preparation should be used as recommended: it is useful in taking 50 drops twice a day in a little water or herbal tea. Alternatively, you can dilute 100 drops in a 500ml bottle of water to drink throughout the day in small sips.
Alnus incana glycerine macerate is normally found in specialized herbalists or pharmacies so it is not necessary to prepare it at home.
There are various formulations on the market including gem derivatives obtained from the maceration of fresh buds of Alnus glutinosa and Alnus incana. The first has an anti-inflammatory action, with an elective tropism for the arterial vessels of the brain.
Among the contraindications, please note that it should not be taken during pregnancy and it is also advisable to avoid taking the bud extract during breastfeeding because it can reduce milk secretion.

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