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The composter, a term that comes from the English composter, or biocomposer is a container suitable for receiving organic waste and allowing their aerobic decomposition.
There are different types of composters, both in terms of dimensions and materials; it can be made of plastic, but there are several handcrafted models, even self-made in wood and metal.
Whatever the material with which it is made or built, the composter must be made to favor the oxygenation of the organic material.
Inside the composter the numerous bacteria: thermophilic, mesophilic, psychrophilic and actonomicetes, together with earthworms, if present, transform the organic substances into humus or fertile earth.
The product obtained from this organic decomposition is called compost.
The simplest way to make a composter is to take 5 pallets and tie them together to form a cube about one meter on each side, open from above.

How a composter works –
The concept of operation of a composter is taken directly from what happens in nature, in fact the transformation of organic waste into organic fertilizer is a process that normally takes place in the environment around us.
When any organic component, such as a leaf falling to the ground, it enters a very complex ecological chain. Animals and micro-organisms assimilate the leaf, with different mechanisms, and these, in turn, become food for other organisms and so on until the transformation of the original material into humus. The humus in turn improves the fertility of the soil due to a complex series of chemical and physical reactions with the inorganic particles of the same.
In a composter, the organic waste that we deposit goes back into a complex food chain and becomes fertilizer for the soil.
The composter is useful in small gardens or if there are pets because it recycles and recovers the material.
Larger composter can be designed for farms to host and organically transform all waste material from processing, pruning, etc.

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