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When pruning the Pistachio

When pruning the Pistachio

Pistachio (Pistacia vera – L.) is a fruit tree of the Anacardiaceae family originating in the Middle East, where it was already cultivated in prehistoric times, particularly in Persia, Syria and India, and calling it bistachion or rackia or trackkion.
For the time of pistachio pruning, and for its technique, it must be considered that this plant bears fruit in a two-year cycle, which, together with climatic variations, causes large variations in the yields and prices that can be had every have.
The biennial fruiting, however, determines a fruiting every year but a very marked alternation with obviously very different yields. In this way we have defined years of charge and years of discharge.

Pruning period –
The technique used in pistachio is to remove the little production of the unloading years to increase it in the years of charge, from here we have, in fact, a two-year cycle cultivation.
To favor this technique, a green pruning is done in the period between May and June; with this technique all the moans are removed to the full, to meet the vintage of discharge.
Furthermore, when pruning the pistachio, it must be remembered that the plant bears fruit on the wood for two years.
In this sense, at the end of winter, a slight thinning of the foliage will suffice, aimed at eliminating decayed or excessively dry branches and favoring ventilation and good lighting of the vegetation.
For details of the pruning technique, see the following sheet.

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