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2021: there is no ecology without sharing

2021: there is no ecology without sharing

The beginning of a new year is always a reason for new hopes, for renewed dreams, for projection towards a future that we would like to be better.
However, the beginning of 2021 is not a beginning like many other years and for this reason we cannot stop only at an exchange of good wishes or renewed hopes.
2020 leaves us a heavy legacy: a COVID-19 pandemic that is the effect and not the cause of all the suffering that inhabit our planet.
We have reached the threshold of that step of history where we can no longer ignore the basic problem of human existence.
The truth is that a large part of humanity lives a dimension very distant from the true principles of Life, thus trampling every living being and every system that makes up our world.
This condition, without mincing words, is the daughter of that Enlightenment culture which, basing all its belief on human reason, ended up closing humanity itself within the great limit of reason itself.
This philosophical thought, which I do not judge here because history is a path in the making, however, has led us from the richness of the Infinite to the poverty of the finite.
Beyond the position of every single person with regard to a faith or not, we have interrupted, with this limit, the search for something that transcends our physical, temporal and spatial boundaries.
The mere fact that humanity, with its behaviors, is generating great planetary suffering is a sign that we have pulled out or, if we prefer, have entered into conflict with the rhythms of life.
It is as if the social ecosystem, with the rules enunciated in recent times, has written codes that are not synchronous, and therefore in contrast with the codes of Life.
Starting from this consideration, a reflection must be made on all of them: we cannot solve the problems of our world if we do not orient our coordinate system upwards.
In short, we cannot synchronize with the rules of nature if we do not understand their ethics.
Thus, we cannot base politics solely on a pure economic factor and state budgets if these are in contrast with the ethics of life.
We cannot produce food if we are forced to kill insects, birds, mammals, etc. to do so.
We cannot plunder entire peoples and territories (colonialism) to meet our energy, food and any other human needs.

We cannot achieve our well-being if this is done at the expense of someone else.
Ultimately, we cannot speak of growth or development (terms so dear to a certain political language) if all this happens to the detriment of others or otherwise.
In the encyclical “Laudato Sì” and in greater detail in the last “Brothers all”, Pope Francis, one of the most enlightened and lucid Persons beyond his religion of these times, goes to the heart of the question: there is no it is ecology without sharing!
There can be no commitment, no battle, no claim if we do not first go out of the limit in which the fraud of that thought that dominates much of our world today has locked us up.
COVID-19 is just, as mentioned in another article, a red light bulb on the dashboard of the spaceship Planet Earth. It is only the effect of a cultural, and therefore ethical and moral, pandemic that has alienated humanity from the true path of Life.
Humanity, and therefore every single man and woman, can reach a state of well-being only in the condition of sharing and not in the pursuit of those false prophets and those idols we call: free market, competition, efficiency, development, etc. .
Sharing means being able to live better (and not only materially) if you do not:
– we demolish and devastate other civilizations and territories;
– we deprive entire civilizations and populations of the assets of their territory (oil, minerals, forests, ecosystems, etc.);
– we produce a large part of our food using poisons that kill other living beings, destroy the fertility of the soil, pollute the air and what we eat;
– let us stop pitting people against people in the name of competition and the free market;
– etc.
Let us remember that a large part of the economic well-being of the richest countries is stained with blood, deprivation, great massacres and deportations that characterize not only the history of the past but the more recent one.
Numbers that in comparison make those linked (and there are too many) to the pandemic of this latest coronavirus pale.
The environmental issue cannot be resolved if we are aligned against each other; we cannot get out of this crisis without dialogue and, above all, without listening; ecological battles cannot be fought if within us, to paraphrase the singer-songwriter Franco Battiato, we do not destroy the animal in us.
An animal different from those that inhabit Planet Earth, because they move along the entire synchrony of Life; we would like to build a small universe outside the Infinite Universal Ethics.
We cannot wish each other good wishes for 2021 if we carry within us the old that is within us, otherwise it is an empty wish, aimed only at ourselves and, therefore, without sharing, a non-universal wish.

Guido Bissanti

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