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Russula faginea

Russula faginea

Russula faginea (Russula faginea Romagn., 1967) is a basidiomycete fungus belonging to the Russulaceae family.

Systematics –
From the systematic point of view belongs to the Eukaryota Domain, Mushroom Kingdom, Phylum Basidiomycota, Class Basidiomycetes, Russulales Order, Russulaceae Family and therefore to the Genus Russula and to the R. faginea Species.

Etymology –
The term Russula is the diminutive of russus red: a little red. The specific fagin epithet comes from Fagus, which in turn derives from the Greek Doric φαγός fagós (attic φηγός fegós, Latin fagus) beech or oak: therefore typical of beech-woods.

Geographical Distribution and Habitat –
The Russula faginea grows under broad-leaved trees and mainly under beech-woods (hence the term of the species). Fruits in the period between summer and early autumn.

Recognition –
It is recognized by the hat of 5–10 cm in diameter, of firm consistency, first convex and then flat, with separable cuticle only at the margin, of variable color from pink-red to yellow-green.
The margin is striated only at maturity.
The Lamellas are thick, with some lamellula, light cream color.
The stem is 4-11.5 x 1.5-3.2 cm. The meat is white with a fishy smell and a sweet taste.
At the microscope, spores of 8.5-10 x 7.5-9 µm are visible, white in bulk.

Cultivation –
Russula faginea is not a cultivated mushroom.

Uses and Traditions –
Russula faginea can be confused with other species belonging to the genus Russula that grow under beech. It is however possible to distinguish it easily from similar russulas bearing in mind that, being a xerampelin (Section Polychromae Maire, emend. – Subsection Xerampelinae Singer), it exudes the smell of herring, tends to darken also when handled and reacts to ferrous sulfate developing a green color on the meat.
It is an edible but mediocre mushroom due to the unpleasant smell of fish and in any case, since it is a rare species, it is therefore to be protected, it is strongly recommended not to collect it.

Preparation Mode –
Even if it is an edible mushroom it is nonetheless mediocre due to the unpleasant smell of fish which can also affect a mixed preparation of mushrooms.

Guido Bissanti

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