An Eco-sustainable World

Day: 7 December 2022

ArborealSpecies Plant

Juniperus phoenicea

Juniperus phoenicea The Phoenician juniper or Cedar Lycio (Juniperus phoenicea L., 1753) is a shrub species belonging to the Cupressaceae

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Nature to be savedParks and Reserves

Alta Murgia National Park

Alta Murgia National Park The Alta Murgia National Park was established on 10 March 2004. It is a protected natural

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HerbaceousSpecies Plant

Physalis alkekengi

Physalis alkekengi Bladder cherry or Chinese lantern, Japanese-lantern, strawberry groundcherry or winter cherry (Physalis alkekengi L.) is a perennial bushy

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Species Fungi

Albatrellus confluens

Albatrellus confluens The Mushroom of bread, also called Polypore confluent in France (Albatrellus confluens (Alb. & Schwein.) Kotl. & Pouzar,

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