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Farmhouse Masseria La Chiusa

Journey through a changing rural world. A world that changes thanks to the initiative and above all attention to the nature of sensitive farmers, respectful of the rules and principles of the same.

Ecosustainable Farm

10th Episode – Farmhouse Masseria La Chiusa di Gabriella Ferrara and c. s.n.c.

THE FARM: The farmhouse is located in the territory of the municipality of San Giuseppe Jato and is 30 km from Palermo.

Farm Description – La Masseria is a family-run, certified organic farm of about 120 hectares. The crop system is of mixed type: horticulture, olive-growing, wine-growing and fruit-growing. In addition to the primary production activity, the company has also been operating agritourism for about ten years.

Motivations of the Owner – The Masseria has been a point of reference for centuries in the area of agricultural production of the territory. In recent years, the start of the farm holiday has allowed the company to expand and diversify, contributing to increase the occupation of the territory and the socio-economic development of the same.
Respecting and preserving the environment, the history and the culture of the territory in which the Masseria carries out its activities, are the foundations of the entrepreneurial idea that has always characterized the company management.

Farm Features: Products and Services – The Masseria produces extra-virgin olive oil, plums, wine and vegetables in open field. These productions are certified organic. Besides the activity of primary production, the company also carries out agritourism activities, hospitality and tourist promotion of the splendid territory of the Valle del fiume Jato. It has 40 beds divided into rooms and apartments, an ancient Bourbon winery of the late 1700s, now used as a restaurant, a swimming pool and an ancient church located within the farm’s beam.

  1. Agricultural Products – Yes
  2. Zootechnical Products – No
  3. Agricultural Products Transformed – Yes
  4. Transformed Zootechnical Products – No
  5. Company Products Tasting – Yes
  6. Agriturismo – Yes
  7. Educational Services – Yes
  8. Other –

Tel. +39 0918577783
Cell. +39 3277529403

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