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How to grow the Butcher’s broom

How to grow the Butcher’s broom

The holly (Ruscus aculeatus) is an evergreen bushy plant, which belongs to the family of liliaceae, very suitable therefore also for winter hedges but, above all, very delicious.
The butcher’s broom is a rustic plant and while tolerating any exposure and temperature, it prefers shady and humid places and resists well at low temperatures and frost.
As for the choice of land, it is better to choose those that are moist and well drained, while for irrigation, potted plants require abundant and regular waterings during the summer season while those grown in the home are satisfied with rainwater.

For the fertilization have few characteristics but obviously if you grow them to produce the delicious turioni (the young jets) it is good to provide the soil where they will be implanted with a good supply of organic substance.
In spring, it is advisable to cut the old branches to the base to encourage the emission of new jets (shoots).
The broom is multiplied by seed in spring; by division of the tufts during the winter or by cutting of the side shoots in the month of September or March. It is advisable to divide the tufts by means of a sharp and disinfected knife. The portions obtained are then put to root in the ground or in pot.
As for the diseases this plant fears oidium especially if the area is wet, not sunny and if you have exceeded in some nitrogen chemical fertilization (which we highly discourage).
For the uses, see the specific sheet on the butcher’s broom.

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