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How to increase the Bees in your company

How to increase the Bees in your company

The Bees, together with bumblebees, butterflies and flies, allow the natural process of pollination.
Recall that without the pollination process the whole of humanity risks disappearing due to the difficulties in finding the food it needs for its food and survival. I want to remind you that of the 100 crops on which 90% of world food production depends, 71 are related to the work of pollination of bees. In short, insects (heavily fought by pesticides required by “modern” agriculture).
To help bees (and other pronubes) in addition to not using more pesticides, herbicides, etc. you can do things that are still very simple and concrete. Among these we remember some of them:
The first, as mentioned, is to not use pesticides, herbicides, etc. They are all products to which modern agriculture uses for agronomic and cultivation errors;
Never specialize crops, this is also a mistake that, in addition to disadvantaging the business economy, drastically decreases the energies of the ecological system;
grow some plants: borage, dill, rosemary, thyme, coriander, and plants with large blooms that guarantee these insects to find food and shelter; then choose scaly flowering plants so that throughout the year they can guarantee the necessary nutritional needs;
to build external wooden frames, inside which to place oak or beech logs (where we have already made small holes) or a hollow brick. In addition you can use bamboo canes and small twigs, these will be wonderful shelters for these insects.
Make small containers for collecting water for bees. Even the bees are thirsty and therefore need to drink;
Do not be angry with the exasperated workings of the land that do not leave a blade of grass; this also plays an important role with its blooms (as well as in the ecology of the radical relationship with the cultivated plants).
Ultimately, if we do not want the Bees and other useful insects to disappear, by starting humanity towards the end, we build around them companies where they feel at home and not production processes borrowed from assembly lines and that nothing has of natural.

Guido Bissanti

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