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20 Years of Sustainability

20 Years of Sustainability

December 2004 – December 2024.
An Eco-sustainable World turns 20, during which we have produced 6243 contributions (this is 6244), published scientific pieces, for use and consultation by researchers and scholars but also practical sheets for those approaching the complex world of nature for the first time , of ecology, of the laws that govern the reality in which we are immersed and of which we are part.
44 categories and numerous central pages that develop all these themes; with bibliographical notes, references, reports. Above all, however, the objective is not to use language to make news or to create scoops.
Communication has and, we hope, will have only one purpose: to make people reflect on the way of being on the planet, of occupying it, of loving it, looking at others as part of a single organism.
All this has seen a growing interest in this website, with a notable increase in visits from Italy but even more, above all, from America: almost 7,000,000 pages viewed (of which only 1,703,374 in 2023), with visits from all parts of the world and with a gradual increase, starting from 2007, up to today, of Latin American countries, as well as Spain, but generally of all the others.

All this is the fruit of a work made of passion, perseverance, attention, towards all ecological themes but in a global ecological dimension: social ecology and environmental ecology.
However, our point of view wants to be nourished by new shapes and dimensions.
A new anthropocentrism, where humanity becomes the architect of a new renaissance of thought, of the way of acting and relating to others; of the way of being on Earth.
It might seem like a contradiction, yet we are convinced that this era, even if contaminated (as in a car exhaust) by multiple waste, contains all the elements to make history make that leap in quality that the past centuries have metabolised.
As Leibniz stated, nature “does not make leaps”, that is, the relationships between things are of continuity and not of diversity and this opens up completely new cultural, sociopolitical and humanistic scenarios. In the same way, history is not discontinuous or made up of negative moments. There are moments with more “waste” and moments with greater visibility of its fruits (metabolites).
The story is becoming an adult and we are convinced that despite negativity, difficult moments, and everything else we would never want to hope for, moments of great flourishing are on the horizon.
Perhaps that period is coming to an end which in 1992 Andrew Revkin baptized as the Anthrocene and which later became, thanks to the Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry Paul Crutzen and Eugene F. Stoermer, the Anthropocene.
As in thunderstorms, the end of a meteorological moment is announced with great barometric and atmospheric upheavals but, in the end, the weather settles into a new form.
We predict that the new era will see humanity perfectly innate; organically synchronous with the principles and rules of nature, with an economy, a sociality, a technology that become perfectly polarized with the laws of Nature: NATUROCENE will be born, as we defined it in 2020, where the new civilization, the one born from the ashes of today’s peace, you will also find that peace, pursued for millennia but never achieved, because it is at war with nature which is also within us.

Guido Bissanti

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