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Evodiamine is an alkaloid with a brute or molecular formula: C19H17N3O.
This substance is a quinolone alkaloid, isolated from the Chinese plant Evodia (Tetradium ruticarpum (A.Juss.) T.G. Hartley) and present in other plants of the same genus.
Evodiamine has some pharmacological activities against obesity, allergy, inflammation, anxiety, nociception, cancer, and thermoregulation.
Evodiamine is also used as an ingredient in food supplements.
It is thought to have mechanisms of action similar to those of capsaicin: for this reason, it seems to have the ability to induce weight loss, as well as being generally considered a thermogenic and stimulating substance.

Evodiamine seems to be able to increase the number of serotonin transporters in the brain, increasing the re-uptake of this neurotransmitter. For these characteristics, it is also recommended in the treatment of hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, water retention, and cancer: but there are not enough studies to confirm its efficacy.
Evodiamine is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as it may slow down clotting.

Warning: The information given is not medical advice and may not be accurate. The contents are for illustrative purposes only and do not replace medical advice.

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