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Agriculture of death

Agriculture of death

What we now call industrial agriculture, in fact, has nothing to do with the millenary schools of the world, one of the oldest human activities.
Industrial agriculture is an invasive, colonialist and war-based production model. This production system was born in that era which will be defined by history books, if anyone can read this story, like the great Dark Period.
A period born in the early 1900s and sadly sanctioned on August 6, 1945 with the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. A period that coincides with the maximum expression of the colonialist model of the West and that opens the curtain with the 80,000 atomic bomb victims, with the tens of thousands who died as a result of nuclear radiation and with the innocent victims of concentration camps and compounds war chemists.
This curtain opens that stage which will soon begin the chemical industry, largely derived from the war and post-war ones, which continues to reap largely unaware victims and which remind us of the famous verses of the poet Giuseppe Giusti: blind tools robbery That they don’t touch and that maybe they don’t know.
From these technologies, which have nothing to do with the laws of ecology and the codes of nature, chemical-based industrial agriculture originated, which continues to kill millions of species, causing the sixth mass extinction. Through it, the living species disappear at a rate 1000 times that normal due to the spread of toxic poisons in every corner of the world, destroying ancient forests and habitats all over the planet.
The advent of these substances is forever altering the balance between the various species, is leading to extinction without a return point, the ability of the ecosystem to transform cosmic and planetary energies is decreasing, thus leading agricultural systems to an impoverishment exponential.
These are official data which, however, almost nobody brings to light. In India alone, 300,000 farmers have committed suicide because of the conditions of poverty in which they have been dragged by this system and half of the children are now malnourished, as a result of increasingly arid lands, poor in biodiversity, from where we must finally flee.
Thus, worldwide, every 5 seconds a child under 5 dies of starvation. Every year 9 million people die of hunger and, according to FAO, more than 1 billion people suffer from hunger, even in rich countries where food is abundant. All this means that one in six people on Earth does not have enough food for a healthy life.

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To these data it must be added that every year 200,000 people die of pesticide poisoning and one death in six is ​​due to cancer, making it the second leading cause of death (second only to cardiovascular disease); remember that of these only 5% of cancers are genetic; the rest is due to toxic agents in the environment and in food. In 2017 alone, 9.6 million people are estimated to have died from various forms of cancer.
Moreover, industrial agriculture has led humanity towards a poor food system, of which 90% is made up of rice, corn, soy and wheat, many of these now GMOs, and therefore under the control of a few multinationals, neglecting so much of the crops that instead represented that agricultural biodiversity that protected humanity and the environment.
The impoverishment of agro ecosystems and world food systems is accompanied by the other impoverishment, in some ways even more serious than the previous one, which is that of the loss of millennial knowledge that the ancient peasant civilizations had accumulated together with the biodiversity of seeds.
The result is that of a production system which is estimated to have an energy yield equal to 1/10 of that of the systems without the use of poisons and which they see in the various forms of agroecology, organic cultivation, permaculture, biodynamic agriculture and other schools of natural cultivation the only hope for the salvation of civilization.
Those who tell the usual hoax that industrial agriculture is the only one that can feed the world as well as being in bad faith do not know at all the laws of ecology, of complex energy systems, such as those related to biodiversity that underlie agroecology and other forms of natural agriculture.
Together with these champions of the so-called poison cartel, there is a school of economics and a part of the world of research, often financed by these multinationals, which continually churns out data capable of confusing farmers and citizens who remain dazed and disoriented in this state of affairs. .
Yet for years the ecological and naturalistic sciences have shown this great bluff which, however, is difficult to unmask because to do this you need knowledge, awareness, moral integrity, all qualities that in this phase of history have been poisoned by this system.
To get out of this great lie, therefore, we need to work on three fronts: on the agroecological one, recovering ancient doctrines, re-literating most of the farmers and operators in the sector, grafting the good science, the healthy one, in recent times; re-educating humanity to a different food system; and finally, by correlating production sites with consumption places.
We have a few years to make this transition but let’s not delude ourselves that all this is simple for the reason that this is the third world war, fought on a different and wider field: on the one hand the lords of poisons, on the other all humanity . If we want to win it we must put ourselves alongside our great ally: Nature.

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