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Diphenic acid

Diphenic acid

Diphenic acid, whose term in the official IUPAC nomenclature is: 2- (2-carboxyphenyl) benzoic acid is an organic acid with brute or molecular formula: C14H10O4.
It is a compound that comes in the form of a solid, of variable color, depending on its purity, from white to pale yellow.
Diphenic acid is a derivative of phenanthrene and is used as an intermediate in pharmaceutical synthesis or in the production of some dyes.

It should be remembered that the name diphenic acid usually refers to isomer 2, 2 ‘, but this molecule can take on different isomeric conformations so it is necessary not to confuse it with lesser used and more rarely synthesized isomers such as acid 4 – (4-carboxyphenyl) benzoic acid.
By reaction between the diphenyl acid and a base, the respective salts are obtained which are called defenates.

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