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Grapefruit Essential Oil – Uses and Properties

Grapefruit Essential Oil – Uses and Properties

Grapefruit essential oil is obtained by extraction from grapefruit peel (Citrus paradisi Macfad., 1830). This oil is clear, of a variable color from light yellow to greenish with a sparkling and fresh scent.
Grapefruit essential oil consists mainly of limonene and myrcene and then also of sabinene, alpha pyrene, nerile acetate, geraniol, lemongrass, terpinenol and linalool. Due to the transmissibility of pesticides in the essential oil it is recommended to use an essential grapefruit oil from organic farming or otherwise be sure that the fruits of origin have not been treated with pesticides.
The main uses of grapefruit essential oil are those related to the treatment of scalp and hair, for slimming therapies, to improve circulation and to fight flu symptoms.

It carries out antibacterial and antifungal actions and strengthening of the immune system. It is used in natural therapies for infections of the skin, colon, intestine, stomach and other internal organs.
An interesting action is the antioxidant that prevents the degeneration of tissues and the formation of free radicals.
It is particularly used in cases of stress, depression and anxiety and is an adjuvant to combat the exhaustion typical of seasonal changes.
Another interesting action of grapefruit essential oil is the tonic one on the muscles both in pre-training and in post.
This essential oil acts directly on the hypothalamus by regulating the hormones responsible for the sense of satiety. It is also a good diuretic and helps burn fat. It acts on the endocrine glands, promoting the secretion of bile and gastric juices.
One of the most usual uses however is to combat cellulite, dissolving the accumulated fats and toning the skin, especially in the treatment for massages.
According to some experiences it would seem that stimulates hair regrowth and is useful in decreasing the dandruff effect.
It should always be used in combination with other oils and never pure.
As with many natural products and essences it is always good to do an antiallergic test for some of its components.

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