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Natural laurel-based insecticide

Natural laurel-based insecticide

Some of the active ingredients of natural origin also have antibacterial, disinfectant or repellent properties for some organisms. These active ingredients can be used, even with due caution, as insecticides. These include those from laurel. In particular the lauric acid contained in this plant. The active ingredients of laurel have always been used in the Middle East as a natural insect repellent. In this regard, a team of Iranian researchers evaluated this “activity” of the plant, conducting research at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences; this veri fi cation showed how laurel is effective in removing insects, thus proving an excellent natural insecticide.

The preparation of this natural insecticide is possible starting from some components. To prepare this insecticide that is effective against flies and mosquitoes, you can start by preparing it for small quantities. In a clean plastic bottle, 80 ml of distilled water, 20 ml of pure alcohol and 5 drops of laurel, mint and marjoram essential oils, for a total of 15 drops, should be placed. Once the products have been mixed, the mixture must be shaken well and sprayed both in closed rooms and on external parts. This mixture is particularly unpleasant and repellent for these insects.

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