The Top Ten of the 10 foods to avoid

The Top Ten of the 10 foods to avoid

Nutrition is a cultural fact; through it we nourish ourselves and with nutrition we assume the information accumulated during the production of food. This is why an incorrect diet, in addition to making us assume incorrect elements and compounds, interrupts the good connection between us and the nature that surrounds us. In this way, a nutritional imbalance causes our body to suffer from imbalances which, in the long run, can then lead to more or less serious pathologies. E.g. too much sugar, too much salt and too many preservatives are the typical mistakes we make during meals or at a restaurant or bar. That’s why, always with a view to seeing nutrition as the assumption of information, a varied diet, especially based on fresh food, of seasons and zero miles will put us in the best conditions of psychophysical performance. According to some research conducted by dieticians here are the 10 errors, which unfortunately are often made, that we do in our diet. Here are the foods we should avoid.


1. Canned foods; this is because the coating of these jams is coated with Bpa, or Bisfenolo A, a toxic anti-corrosive substance if taken continuously with a feed with canned products.
2. White sugar (sucrose). It is a very caloric molecule that increases the pressure, greatly affects the metabolism, creating serious problems in the liver and heart.
3. Gasate drinks; too often used by young people, these foods are rich in sugars, artificial colors and sweeteners; they are high-calorie and responsible for caries, obesity and diabetes. The evil that is afflicting a large part of the population of Western countries.
4. Cooking salt (NaCl). It is known that a hypersonic diet can damage tissues and organs, especially blood vessels and the heart. The WHO has recently advised not to exceed the dose of 5 g per day.
5. Fatty and fried foods that, as often and often are consumed mainly in Fast Foods, damage cells. Among other things, the trans fatty acids contained in them increase the skin’s vulnerability to UV rays.
6. Fruit juices; these drinks contain on average six teaspoons of sugar for each glass; they are also very acidic, which damages tooth enamel and creates serious problems at the intestinal level.
7. Red meat. Food not to be demonized but to be taken with caution and balance. Excess feeding with red meat causes the accumulation of L-Carnitine, a substance linked to the accumulation of fat deposits in the blood vessels and that therefore can cause stroke and heart attack.
8. Soy. Food once unknown in the Mediterranean diet. Four tablespoons a day of this legume can cause constipation, weight gain and hypothyroidism. Moreover, besides the fact that a good part of this product can be GMO, it contains phytoestrogens that can cause tumors.
9. Ready soups. Approximately 900 mg of sodium per serving are added to their packaging. As mentioned above, excess sodium can cause a series of diseases.
10. Würstel; other foods eaten particularly by young people, most are made with meat cuts, especially chicken and beef muscles, mixed with starch, salt and flavorings to thicken and flavor.

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