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How to make Hypericum Oil

How to make Hypericum Oil

The oil of Hypericum (Hypericum perforatum L.) is obtained from the homonymous plant, also called St. John’s wort.
Below we see how to prepare this oil from multiple applications directly to your home.
The ingredients to have available are obviously the fresh flowering tops of the Hypericum plant, extra virgin olive oil or almond oil (do not use seed oil as it contains compounds deriving from its extraction). You can actually follow different methods in some small procedures but the end result is very similar. Here we describe one of the most traditional.

With the first method of preparation it is necessary to place two flowery tops of St. John’s wort in a hermetically sealed jar to which a liter of oil (almonds or extra virgin olive oil) should be added; at this point, stop and leave to macerate in the sun for about 40 days until you notice that the oil takes on a deep red color.
After the set time has elapsed, you can filter everything with a clean cloth; at this point it can be poured into small, well capped, dark glass bottles. The product must be stored away from light and in a cool place.
For the use of Hypericum oil, remember that it has applications such as cosmetic oil, against wrinkles, as a moisturizer and emollient, through massage in the evening on the face and neck or as a healing oil for massages on sores, ulcers, burns, dermatitis , solar erythema, wounds; in this case it is sufficient to grease the affected area also several times a day.
In addition to the need to consult a doctor for its correct application it should be noted that the oil of hypericum is photosensitive so it is good to avoid exposure to the sun or tanning lamps when it is used.

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