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Journey through a changing rural world. A world that changes thanks to the initiative and above all attention to the nature of sensitive farmers, respectful of the rules and principles of the same.

Ecosustainable Farm

8th Episode – Giorgio Collura Farm

FARM: You find us in S. Stefano Q. (AG), to reach us or S.S. 118 or S. S. 17,19 Palermo-Agrigento exit Lercara Friddi.

Farm Description – Our company was founded in the late 60s in S. Stefano Quisquina in the heart of the hinterland of Agrigento at about 900 m altitude. Over time the company, handed down from father to son, has been renewed becoming an important reality in the territory of the Sicani Mountains, mainly we deal with the cultivation of ancient grains and legumes.

Motivations of the Owner –
have always believed in the tradition and in the intergenerational transmission of knowledge and knowledge. Despite being busy with my job as an engineer, I was born in contact with the land and I remain tied to everything that my grandfather first and my father later built. The idea of ​​growing ancient grains was born when, as a person who adores bread and pasta, I realized that what they force us to eat is just rubbish. Having grown up in the countryside, I could hear old people telling me how bread and pasta no longer taste like they used to be. I wanted to try what it meant to eat a genuine product like the one that our grandparents ate, I went in search of the seeds of ancient grains, I found them, I sowed them, I looked forward to the harvest, when I finally could taste them I was amazed from the taste and smell that that bread or pasta had. Since then I have not been able to eat bread, pizza or pasta that were not made with my flours. I thought that others should have the opportunity to try and eat a genuine product, with many nutritional properties without the use of pesticides or herbicides, hence the idea of ​​converting our company to the organic farming method and starting transforming our ancient grains for the production of flour and pasta, our mission has become that of giving our consumers a genuine product of great quality.

Farm Features: Products and Services –
Although we aim for continuous renewal, we always keep in mind the products of the local tradition. Our flours are in fact obtained from the processing of ancient Sicilian grains ground in a mill with stone millstones. This processing process allows the flour to preserve intact its chemical-physical and organoleptic qualities. They are not very refined due to the presence of the most external part of the kernel, the richest in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In particular the ancient grains that we grow are the Tumminia, the Russello, the Perciasacchi, the Senatore Cappelli, the Mallorcan that unlike the others is a soft wheat, whose flour is particularly suitable for making desserts, to replace the dangerous flour 00. The pasta we produce is of two types, Senatore Cappelli and Tumminia integrale, both of which are obtained from an artisan pasta making process with bronze drawing and low temperature drying in order to simulate a natural drying process in the sun’s rays.

  1. Agricultural Products – Yes
  2. Zootechnical Products – No
  3. Agricultural Products Transformed – Yes
  4. Transformed Zootechnical Products – No
  5. Company Products Tasting – Yes
  6. Educational Services – Yes
  7. Other –

Cell: 328 3158942
email: società

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