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Biomethane traction and class A Farms

Biomethane traction and class A Farms

That the agricultural sector is in a phase of considerable and substantial change is now known and necessary. The need for agriculture that respects the food it produces and the planet are now the order of the day.
And so the motorization sector must also be revised, re-evaluated and reconverted with a view to providing for the use not only of renewable resources, for their food, but possibly also at zero kilometer.
This is how the tractors of tomorrow are born, as well as predicting the electric engines, they begin to consider a supply with the energy produced by the same land where it is engaged.

It will be a means that will not use traditional fossil fuels as propellant but rather the methane made from waste products from agriculture and wastewater. A virtuous circle, moreover, that allows farms to be totally or partially independent from the energy point of view, also because the gas can also be used for heating and electricity.
There are already prototypes equipped with engines of just under 200 horsepower with tanks (which is supplied as normal) designed specifically to accommodate the biomethane needed to push the vehicle for a whole day of work.
Biomethane will be obtained from energy crops, agricultural waste and other waste, with a percentage of CO2 practically close to zero.
Now the Agronomists and Forest Doctors will have to prepare, in addition to the normal company budgets, also the feasibility studies of the manageable powers to realize class A farms.
The future, among all the difficulties of the historical periods of transition, seems to be gradually taking shape.

Guido Bissanti

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