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A powerful natural insecticide with Neem oil

A powerful natural insecticide with Neem oil

Neem oil is a powerful aid as an insecticide and fungicide.
As insecticide it is very effective against orthoptera, aphids, hymenoptera, lepidoptera, grasshoppers, dipterans and beetles. Let’s not forget that it is a portento against the annoying mosquitoes. As a fungicide it is active against powdery mildew, downy mildew, gray mold and various types of rusts (Pucciniaceae).
And since nature is unique, neem not only does not create any problem for ladybugs, which are useful as predators of phytophagous insects, but enriches the soil with nutrients useful for plants.

The ingredients necessary to prepare this product in the company are: Marseille soap, olive oil and garlic, an element feared by insects!
Let’s see how we prepare this mixture (we use doses for home preparations, but in case of treatments in the company everything must be multiplied while maintaining the same proportions): Melt in a pot, on low heat, 50 g of soap, remembering to air the room to avoid getting intoxicated. Then add 10 tablespoons of olive oil and 50 ml of Neem oil. Crush some garlic cloves (you can also put a garlic head, or alternatively if you produce the epigee parts of garlic) and add them to the oils and soap. Finally add 400 ml of water.
At this point it is enough to let everything rest for 24 hours and the DIY insecticide is ready to use.
Before spraying it must always be careful to shake the mixture well and spray it on the leaves and flowers infested with parasites. This compound can also be used on door sills to keep away ants and cockroaches.
A warning: the oil of Neem, if ingested, is toxic, so maximum attention especially to children. It should never be ingested: it is only for external use.

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