Earth in Space

Earth in Space

The planet Earth is a matrix in four dimensions (three dimensions of space + time). It’s the most complex thermodynamics machine exists.

The organization of social and economic future world through understanding of the principles which it is structured. A policy that is not integral is a partial policy, a policy that does not include some aspects is a discriminatory policy, a discriminatory policy is a policy that generates poverty and injustice. Material and Spiritual Poverty, Human Injustices and Corporate Injustices. No economy, no social life, no human progress is possible outside of the logic of the ecosystem and the ecosystem is the matrix of the planet.

“A man who does not descend to the smallest, towards the defenceless can not create great things, a science that not doing this route may not be useful to anyone, a policy that does not care particle of sand is destined to fail and to fail those who implement and those who suffer. One policy that guarantees to every single atom, each particle of sand, every smallest body of this world, they can play the role that God has wanted. Politics must reappropriate a full understanding of the world must be directed towards the less visible. This is the new frontier of democracy, this is the new social justice.”*

* Bissanti G. (2003) – Dalla materia al Padre – Mario Grispo Editore – Palermo.

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