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How to prepare honey on organic

How to prepare honey on organic

The preparation of pure honey is perhaps among the easiest to obtain. In fact, if we find ourselves in front of some hectares of cultivation of Sulla (Hedysarum coronarium), widely used as an improving and foraging plant, we can obtain a honey in purity and of great value.
The honey of Sulla is obtained in the flowering period of this plant which, depending also on the latitude and the altitude of cultivation, can oscillate from April to June. It is a honey that can be obtained in most of the Italian regions, especially in the center and in the central south. However, the most valuable productions of this honey are in Abruzzo, Molise, Calabria and Sicily.

Obviously you have to make sure that the rocks where you put the hives are conducted with biological methods otherwise all the properties of this delicate honey will be affected by the residues that unfortunately the pesticides transmit right in the honeys.
Sulla honey is characterized by a very clear color that, when crystallized, at a distance of a few months, tends to become white.
The flavor of Sulla honey is very delicate, as is its scent, with a vegetal note that tends to be pleasant.
Sulla honey is among the richest in nutrients and vitamins. Important is its content of vitamins A, B and C, so the characteristic, however, also to other honeys, to sweeten while containing a low value of simple sugars.
Inside, there are also good quantities of mineral salts and trace elements such as zinc, iron, copper, magnesium and manganese. These properties make it suitable as a natural energizer, especially for sports.
Among its most salient features we recall that the honey of Sulla then boasts a diuretic and laxative activity, also contributing to regulate intestinal activity. It has a detoxifying action of the liver and is an excellent natural tonic.
For its consumption it is advisable to taste it alone leaving a teaspoon at the base of the tongue; in this way it is particularly useful for fighting irritation of the throat and cough, or in a glass of warm milk or a cup of tea. To avoid the reduction of its characteristics and therapeutic properties it is advisable to add it as soon as the drinks have cooled sufficiently to be swallowed.

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