The Ecodomus Consortium – Eco-sustainable building

The Ecodomus Consortium – Eco-sustainable building

Ecodomus Consortium – Ecosystem Building, Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Technology is born from a core business of the Ecodomus District, strongly motivated to pursue strategies for improving the energy and environmental performance of the construction industry.
The Consortium constitutes the operational and service structure of the production district and is aimed at the implementation of district activities and the adoption of sustainable solutions in the sustainable construction chain as well as providing services to businesses, institutions and institutions until the achievement of the ambitious result to build nearly zero zero energy buildings (NZEB) as per the recent European directives and national transposition law.
The Consortium groups companies operating in the sustainable construction and energy saving sector identified on the basis of their industry to cover the whole sustainable construction chain: from the design of the sustainable building to the disposal of construction waste, passing from the extraction and sustainable production of raw materials, their marketing, construction and maintenance of the “building” product according to an LCA (Life CycleAssessment) approach and an eco balance of products and processes.

Who we are
The Production District is a cluster of companies that operates on a network, through a system logic framing their business in a district development pact signed by institutional actors also find out more
The EDA – Ecodomus District is born from the desire to network the sustainable construction and energy saving chain in Sicily; the stake represents an important development opportunity for the relaunch of a sector in a severe crisis such as construction, and is characterized by a strong commitment to the energy saving and energy efficiency of buildings (one of the ten strategic sectors recently presented in Rimini for the General States of Green Economy)
The EDA – Ecodomus District Recognition Process has been long and labor-intensive; has been evaluated by a special technical-scientific commission, with a public evidence procedure, obtained the legal recognition by the Regional Office for the Production Activities with D.A. n ° 745 of 22/03/2012 find out more
Today, the unique Recognition District in this area constitutes a pole of aggregation experiences aimed at the establishment of a pole of the Energy Smart Building at a regional scale.
The EDA – Ecodomus District is also a regional platform that already operates with universities and prestigious Research Institutes in the island, both for the transfer of technology and research, and to encourage the provision of technical and scientific services to enterprises eco – process and product innovation. For this purpose, agreements and research agreements have been signed with the aforementioned bodies.

Our Vision
The aim of the Ecodomus consortium is to undertake and participate in actions to decarbonize the building’s construction chain in the Mediterranean:

By exploiting the ancient and wise knowledge of Mediterranean bioclimatic architectures to propose new models of passive cooling of the building (see Arab architecture, such as the Zisa of Palermo);
By promoting the introduction of eco-innovative technologies in the production context, the development of smart local networks (smartgrid);
Creating a regional chain, coupled with the major national, European and international realities, green technologies, and introducing the eco-efficiency concept through the tools and network offered by the manufacturing district.
Eco-innovation and research: Strengthen research, technological development and innovation. The European Strategy for the Development of Territories defined as “Smart Specialization” requires the identification of specific sustainable growth paths based on innovation, taking into account local skills and global technological and market opportunities. find out more
Economic and environmental competitiveness: Improve the environmental competitiveness of businesses through the development of actions aimed at promoting industrial research and technological innovation in the areas of sustainable construction and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) technologies.


Implementation and dissemination of GPP;
Promotion: Promote the products / services of companies that are members of the Chain Development Plan at the Public Administrations;
Communication: To promote the use of innovative communication technologies (interactive web portal, e-learning platform for distance learning, etc.) in the fields of sustainable building and energy saving;
Quality mark: Creation of the energy and environmental quality label of products and services, including buildings, called “Ecodomus”, in order to promote a positive and innovative picture of companies in the eco- oriented ”
Certification tools: Promotion and dissemination of environmental product certification tools (trademarks and environmental labels), environmental management systems for enterprises (EMAS and ISO 14001) and energy management (UNI CEN EI 50001);
Software Development: Development of software for diagnosis, optimization and energy design and energy certification of buildings;
Design: Design and construction of low environmental impact buildings;
Training: Organizing company training courses and setting up a platform for distance learning courses on topics such as eco-innovation and environmental technologies, marketing and business management, technological and organizational innovation in the production context ;
Help – Desk;
Information events: Conducting information events related to the chain to drive consumers to use products that are characterized by high energy and environmental quality requirements. Business support for participating in promotional and trade fair events and advertise their products / services.