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Pozzolan is a natural material that finds many applications, including agriculture.
Pozzolan is a volcanic material mainly made up of aluminum and iron silicates. it is a highly porous material, with a high specific surface area.
Pozzolan in agriculture is a volcanic material with multiple applications, which can contribute to soil fertility and plant growth. Thanks to its physical and chemical properties, pozzolana can improve soil structure, increasing porosity and the ability to retain water, as well as favoring the availability of nutrients in the soil, increasing pH and cation exchange capacity.

The use of pozzolan in agriculture can take place in various ways, for example by mixing it with the soil during the preparation of the seedbed or transplanting, or by using it as a soil cover. Pozzolan creates a protective layer that reduces erosion and promotes humus formation, improving plant health and soil productivity.
The positive effects of pozzolan on plant growth have been demonstrated in several studies. The use of pozzolana can improve soil structure and promote plant growth, increasing the availability of nutrients for the plants themselves.
Bottom line, if you are a farmer or gardening enthusiast, you may want to consider using pozzolan to improve the health of your plants and the productivity of your soil. Pozzolan is an inexpensive and easy to find material, capable of significantly improving the quality of the soil and crops.

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