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Interview on Radio News 24 – Sustainability in Agriculture

Interview on Radio News 24 – Sustainability in Agriculture

In the following video you can see the full interview, broadcast on November 5, 2020, on the topic of sustainability in the world of agriculture and its productions.
The interview was made by Alessandro Cavalieri of Radio News 24.
In the short period of time available, various topics were touched upon.
From the real concept of sustainability in the sector, to international and European policies in the agricultural sector and the objectives of Agenda 2030 to achieve an adequate change in the way of doing politics and economics within that period.

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An overview was made on the state of the art in the world of Italian agriculture, on its sustainability, on the new frontier of agroecology and on the expectations that we can place on future generations to realize the great dream of existing on the planet by living in mutual agreement with the nature.
The result was a brief but dense overview on which we all must work hard to give a sustainable future to the new generations.

Guido Bissanti

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