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Natural insecticide based on False pepper

Natural insecticide based on False pepper

The control of insects, fungi or other pests, provided that their infestation is not caused by our error of cultivation (which is 90% of cases) can be done with the same products obtained in nature or with methods of agroecology that diminish its negative effects.
Among the products obtainable in nature could not miss the False pepper (Schinus molle L.). for this purpose we can use both the berries, the flowers and the leaves of the plant.
You can prepare a good maceration of False pepper starting from the choice of the doses. For this purpose it is recommended to use 0.5 kg of green plant parts for 10 liters of cold water (if it was rain it would be better).

It is placed in a container (we do not recommend the use of metal containers). It is macerated for at least 48 hours (mixing everything every six hours for at least two minutes). However, it is advisable to grind the berries separately before putting them to macerate. The container must not be closed to avoid unwanted fermentations.
The resulting mixture must be filtered (for this we recommend the jute sack), and stored in a tightly closed container, and its effectiveness is maintained (if stored in a cool place) for a few days.
This filtrate can be used to spray the parts of plants infested mainly by aphids (in the early morning or evening hours). It is advisable to intervene when the presence of these small insects is in the very early stages of infestation. The most important thing is that being also an excellent antiseptic goes to reinforce the resistance of plants against some diseases of an infectious nature.

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