Tiles that transform kinetic energy into electrical energy

Tiles that transform kinetic energy into electrical energy

Certainly the way to conceive the houses of the future is a matter in great and continuous evolution, so we can not be surprised how this conception will affect both the forms, the materials and the functionality of the same. The possibility then to produce electricity in our homes or in our offices is giving way to a great impulse of ideas and projects that in a few years will find practical and practical applications. These include tiles that transform kinetic energy into electrical energy.


That’s why the functionality of our apartments will undergo a noticeable evolution starting from a simple action like walking that can hide a source of energy. This is the case of the Pavegen Systems patent, which is a technological company that has developed paving slabs to convert the kinetic energy determined by the trampling of people into small amounts of electricity. This system therefore does nothing more than converting what is a normal human action into electrical energy.
Moreover, these tiles are obtained starting from rubber obtained from the recycling of normal tires; then from another energy recovery, and were designed as an alternative and integrative energy source to be obtained in large urban centers. Optimal use is obviously in very crowded places such as shopping centers, large railway stations, airports, etc.
To give a little ‘numbers on the potential of this system think that, according to the data obtained, a single step produces 7 watts; we multiply this value for all the steps of a person, in the areas so equipped, and again for a huge crowd in constant motion.
Obviously, when and always we talk about renewable energy, we must take into account the overall efficiency of the system; make design, construction, construction, maintenance, etc. .. Surely, however, is a …. great step forward …. to produce new sources of electricity!

Guido Bissanti

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