Attention to saline supplements

Attention to saline supplements

The use and abuse of saline and vitamin supplements is a practice of recent decades, borrowed from the practice of use in sports and has become a vehicle for advertising, not very regulated, often without realizing the real need for our body. That’s why you have to pay close attention to supplements.
According to some scientific research, vitamins and minerals in tablets or sachets can increase the risk of cancer. These studies conducted in the last two decades confirm what has long been suspected: vitamin and mineral supplements do not improve our health and may even increase our risk of cancer. These studies were conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado, presented annually to the American Association for Cancer Reserch for their statistical updates.


The data unfortunately indicates that there is more and more evidence on their dangers while pharmaceutical companies continue to advertise supplements as healthy touches that can even replace a normal diet. Consider that these products have a market of about 2 billion euros only from us (data from the institute Nielsen Market Track Healthcare). These studies and their findings are not new; they begin with a 1994 study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, in which it was clarified that smokers taking beta-carotene supplements to minimize the impact of cigarettes on their health had an 18% increased risk of developing a lung cancer in the next 5-8 years, compared to other smokers who did not take any supplements.
Another research published in 2011 (Jama magazine) conducted on a sample of 35,000 men showed that taking vitamin E supplements increases the risk of developing cancer by 17% over the next 12 years.
These data tell us that, even if they are essential nutrients, use and above all abuse can cause serious and often irreversible problems for our health. In short, we can say that with nutrition it is very difficult to even approach the maximum quantity, the integration with products advertised as “miraculous” can expose us to serious risks to health.
Similar studies have occurred in the increase of breast cancer (up to 32%) for women taking folic acid supplements (published in 2006 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition); therefore, even if the integration of folic acid is recommended during the fertile period, their uncontrolled use can lead to serious consequences. Yet we know that a conscious diet allows us to find vitamins and salts in nature that we are going to look for in industry.
Under accusation of course there is the advertising from which we are bombed and that in fact becomes misleading when some uses and some quantities in the best of cases are useless and at worst become detrimental. Such as those for example to drink oligomineral water, when it is not strictly necessary and then supplement with salts and vitamins (with double expenditure). Today we should understand that in nature, with careful nutrition education, there is everything we need and above all it is cheaper and healthier. Do you want vitamins and salts? Add fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables to your diet, according to their nutritional characteristics: you will have given your body what it takes.

Guido Bissanti

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