Properties and benefits of pomegranate juice

Properties and benefits of pomegranate juice

The boom of new pomegranate plantations certainly has a logical reason and this resides in recent studies and therefore diffusion of the properties and benefits of pomegranate juice. Among the great interests in the use of pomegranate juice is above all the fact that it seems to be able to counteract the cancer cells, leading them to death.
This peculiarity is given by the characteristics of ellagic acid and some flavonoids, antioxidant substances present in pomegranate juice. These peculiarities are however more than a theory; these are studies carried out by researchers in various parts of the world and published in various scientific journals. For example. the journal Toxicology and Industrial Health published a study in which it was highlighted how pomegranate juice can protect the liver from any harmful agents.

But similar results have occurred in the kidneys and as a preventive form in the tumors of the lungs, of the prostrate, of the breasts and of the skin.
The constant intake of pomegranate juice seems to act on the cardiovascular system by counteracting both the arterial thickening and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Among the various properties and benefits of pomegranate juice we read the following: helps to combat diarrhea thanks to the astringent power; strengthens the immune system in seasonal illnesses and allergies. Helps to overcome anxiety and depression. Recall that the pomegranate is much richer in vitamin C than orange and any other fruit; so great for fighting flu states. For lovers of sunbathing it is interesting to know that pomegranate juice protects the body from skin tumors, counteracting the harmful effect of UV rays on the epidermis and promoting tanning. Another important property of pomegranate juice is that it protects teeth from caries and protects the gastric mucosa, purifying it from any bacteria.
Like all things it takes balance in its intake and also some contraindications: pomegranate juice has side effects in particular, according to some studies in vitro, seems to interfere with antidepressant drugs even if there are no known cases of interaction. It can also interfere with hypertension and anti-inflammatory drugs. And the contraindications increase precisely because of its abuse; there were cases of headaches, drowsiness, a certain difficulty in breathing and a sense of vertigo. But given his “recent” history we must go with the feet of lead on every consideration and evaluation. The research will slowly make more clarity.
So when you take pomegranate juice (especially organic) do it with balance. Healthy eating is mainly due to a balance and good food alternation. Food biodiversity is the first principle of a healthy diet.

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