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Natural insecticide based on onion

Natural insecticide based on onion

That nature has in itself all the remedies also against the human agro-ecological errors. So some plants contain active ingredients that can repair partially or completely the infestations of insects or mites and, with effects also fungicides, that worry farmers.
Among these, very interesting is the one that can be prepared, in a totally handmade way and directly in the company (or in your vegetable garden), with the onion.
This very common plant is particularly effective against aphids and mites because it contains real antibiotic and antibacterial substances.

To prepare this product you need two very simple and very available ingredients: onion and water in the ratio of 1: 100; for example 10 gr of onion and a liter of water.
The preparation of this infusion is obtained by taking 10 gr of onion for each liter of water that must be previously brought to a boil and poured into an infusion on the onion. You will get a product that is in fact natural insecticide against mites and aphids but which has fungicidal properties against diseases such as downy mildew.
It is a broad-spectrum and totally organic infusion, without toxic residues on food and with an unprecedented ecological economy and protection.

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