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How to make organic lemon honey

How to make organic lemon honey

For the production of this very delicate honey, one must find oneself in areas where lemon cultivation is quite widespread. Once widespread in Sicily and Calabria, lemon cultivation has drastically decreased to start recovering in the last few years. Therefore, the hypothesis of planting lemon groves and combining the production of lemon honey finds two valid reasons:

• Integration of income from the production of lemons;
• Possibility of increasing the production of lemons due to entomophilous pollination;
However, to conduct a good production of organic lemon honey some conditions are necessary:
• The lemon species chosen should be re-flowering (this gives the possibility of honey production at various times of the year, and in certain favorable seasons, five blooms can be obtained);
• Bee farms are made with Apis mellifera sicula which, from an ecological point of view, is better suited to lemon cultivation areas;
• Obviously the lemon is grown in organic with all the tricks and the consequent techniques.
If the extent of the lemon grove is sufficient, a good honey can be obtained in purity and a more constant annual production.
Lemon honey is particularly suitable for children and for women, even if for its characteristics, it is good for every age and every sex. The true wealth contained in this food is clearly the vitamin C of which lemon honey abounds. Vitamin C is a fundamental element in the formation of bones and teeth, in which in particular the protection of the enamel and the pulp. It also has an important regenerative effect of collagen, which is why its needs increase with age. For this reason lemon honey is essential for children for the formation of the bone structure as well as in adults and the elderly it is for the maintenance of tissues and for the proper absorption of minerals in the body. Lemon honey is an excellent food for the prevention and strengthening of the immune system and to keep the level of defense high.
Lemon honey is colorless when it is still liquid while it becomes pearly white when it crystallizes. This honey gradually crystallizes assuming a pasty consistency; the crystals are medium in size. The smell of lemon honey is delicate and fruity and recalls the same flowers. It is a honey with a delicate, inebriating and very fruity taste. As mentioned, the true wealth contained in this food is the vitamin C of which lemon honey abounds.

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